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Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) is difficult to explain and even more difficult to conduct. Especially In Asia, it is still a new process and involves many jurisdictions. InterAsia has built a business conducting eDiscovery services ranging from initial information collection to document production and presentation.

Our reputation speaks for itself, and we are proud to be known as the prominent eDiscovery service provider in Asia!

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eDiscovery in Litigation

eDiscovery plays a prominent role in local and international law. eDiscovery brings forth information that can be used in a trial. Our team is experienced and will streamline this practice, thus freeing you to have more time to focus on the upcoming trial.

InterAsia’s litigation support team has the ability to handle your on-site data collection. At the same time, we have the capabilities to provide bibliographic coding in most Asian languages.


Since our inception in 2003, our team has processed over 10 million documents across over 300 projects. An additional benefit to our service is that we can integrate our results into any major document review platform.


Our eDiscovery business has taken us to Beijing, Shanghai, Guang Zhou, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia. Besides eDiscovery services in litigation support, InterAsia has provided these services to Forensic Accounting and Consulting Accounting firms as well.

Experienced in United States and United Kingdom litigation support

High-volume scanning service combined with

 machine translation and Optical Character Recognition

Law firms rarely conduct their own scanning of documents anymore, as the hassle is not worth your billable time. Let our professionals handle the job on your behalf. We have provided cost effective scanning services for our clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

No matter what native Asian language your documents entail, our software will support it. We have offices and partner companies in many countries in the Asia Pacific region.  We have also conducted bibliographic coding in almost any country in Asia, and are able to integrate our documents into any litigation software. We have experience integrating with software such as Ringtail, Catalyst, DocuMatrix, Concordance, Summation, and Introspect - all of which are easily compatible with our document output making the transition for your firm easier than expected.

Our eDiscovery services also extend to machine translation and OCR. We are able to professionally translate any Asian language to accommodate your company’s needs and requirements. We offer the highest quality of any electronic data discovery firm.

Managed Document Review

Hardcopy document review can be a long and tedious process. Our professionals are experienced in handling the most complex matters of discovery requests. Our team includes consultants and project managers with years of experience in litigation support. No job is too complex, and we are committed and able to provide quality results in a timely fashion as required.

eDiscovery Consulting

If your organisation prefers to handle the legwork yourselves, InterAsia can provide invaluable advice as consultants on your project, assisting you to develop a plan to deal with current and upcoming discovery needs. We can implement the eDiscovery plan we have proposed for you or simply leave you to implement it yourselves. Our goal is to help you achieve your objectives.

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