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Document Process Outsourcing

First step to digital transformation

Whether your business goals are to improve employee productivity, ensure business continuity, and/or to improve customer and vendor collaboration with quick access to digital information, document digitisation is the principal barrier for many organisations as it is the most costly and tedious process in the journey towards being a digital enterprise.


InterAsia's DPO Services has more than 2 decades of experience providing end-to-end imaging, document conversion and indexing services.


  • Business Process Outsourcing - Free your internal resources from the hassle of document processing. Rely on InterAsia's DPO for speedy and accurate data entry, and bring about improved business productivity and increased profitability.

  • Document Conversion – We provide a wide variety of services including document conversion from  from legacy microfilm, physical papers, emails as well as attachments.

Your partner to digital transformation

InterAsia has managed simple projects (eg. daily invoice processing) and challenging ones like digitisation of 50-year-old insurance records and extraction of large volumes of data (five million documents a month). InterAsia has the requisite domain knowledge and experience , having managed hundreds of imaging operations for over twenty years.

  • Regulatory Compliance: InterAsia serves organisations from even the most heavily regulated industries. This includes banks, insurance service providers, public government bodies, and healthcare providers.


  • Leadership: InterAsia is renowned for its leadership in imaging technology and process know-hows. This is exemplified by the many BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) providers which collaborate with us on various projects. 

  • Certifications: InterAsia's Operations and Management Teams are certified in imaging, information governance, records management and mail management governance practices.

No volume is too big or too small

  • Processing Speed: Our processing lines have the capacity to process up to 10 million images per month, which translates to just under 600,000 pages per day


  • Straight-Through Processing: We use the most advanced and secure technology to perform data validation and extraction, eliminating manual verification and validation steps downstream


  • Industry Experience: InterAsia's DPO team has experience working with heavily regulated organisations such as banks, insurance carriers, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organisations, and government bodies.


  • Expertise: InterAsia Information Governance experts work alongside mail, imaging, data extraction and workflow automation experts to ensure the perfect intake of documents suitable for the digital process.


  • Flexible Service: We provide on-site, off-site and even off-shore scanning and data processing resources. With InterAsia, you can be assured of timely responses and round-the-clock services.

Our Process

Document Process Outsourcng

Business Process Outsourcing

  • Invoice processing for Accounts Payable.

  • Motor insurance applications.

  • Commercial and medical insurance claims.

  • Insurance claims processing.

  • Credit card and consumer credit new business processing.

  • Retail banking back office processing.

Document Conversion Services

  • Documents and records conversion from paper and microfilm to digital.

  • Project assessment and planning.

  • Document scanning of standard and odd sizes, with the capacity to output as TIFF, PDF, and all other digital image formats.

  • Automated data capture and document recognition using OCR, OMR, ICR, MICR as well as  2D and 3D barcodes)

  • Image indexing

  • Document coding for eDiscovery

  • Record management

  • Document destruction and shredding

Our Technology 

Rich Functions & Features

Supports search query by document owner, creation date, last updated date, etc.

Full-text Search Feature (Searches documents by using document contents)

User Friendly

Enables users to locate documents either on office desks or in remote offices through a web browser.

Secured Repository

Documents storage is centralised and documents are provided with permission settings and audit trail, preventing document from being deleted or amended by unauthorised parties and without trace.

Affordable Solution

Reduced storage, printing and courier costs for hardcopies of documents including contracts, forms and supporting documents.

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