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Enterprise Capture

What is Route2Store?

An enterprise platform to collect paper, electronic documents and practically any type of content from wide range of input sources, process them through automated workflows, deliver them to business important applications while store copies for later search and retrieval.  

Omni-Channel Input

  • Network and Desktop scanners in distributed environment

  • Mobile devices (*)

  • Network folders

  • Email servers

  • FTP servers

  • From any client application making use of Route2Store restful API

Optimised for security and high volume requirements

Route2Store has build-in web based scan module suitable perfectly for scanning in distributed environment. The system support scanning with scan profiles, which support automatic document separation and image clean up.

Route2Store also has a number of other build-in modules supporting import documents into the system via numerous channels such as file, email, ftp... Programmatically any authenticated client application (e.g mobile) can easily submit documents via Route2Store Web API 

R2S Collect.png

Unlock enterprise workflow capabilities

Content in Route2Store can be processed through workflow with conditional routing. Each workflow consist of workflow steps, each in turn represents a certain business activity for example to clean up images, to full text (OCR) a document, to extract certain information from document or to send a document to an external system.

  • Simple graphical Workflow Designer

  • No coding required!

  • Ready-to-use work activity icons (simply drag and drop)

  • Rule-based routing 

  • Audit log and reports 

R2S WF.png

Admin Dashboard

  • Single control plane of glass for Administrators

  • User and security access controls 

  • Notification controls, including emails, sms alerts

  • Repository control of all projects, configurations and data stores

  • Administer external data sources or connect databases

Document Extraction

Extract R2S.png

Powerful and flexible configuration tool to enable seamless data extraction from all documents

Admin R2S.png
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