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Litigation Support Outsourcing      

InterAsia's team of litigation experts have the professional qualifications and experience to help you with your caseload. Outsource your litigation management and legal research functions to our specialists at InterAsia and realise substantial cost and time savings.

Our Services

Document & collection

Document Collection and Digitisation

InterAsia's LPO team provides logistical support for on-site document collection from anywhere in Asia. Hard copy documents are digitised into electronic formats (TIFF and PDF), with rapid turnaround times. If documents are required to be scanned in a secured location, on-site scanning can also be arranged.

Legal Document Transformation

By applying the most modern technologies in computer vision, recognition, machine translation and bates stamping/numbering methodology, InterAsia transforms physical hard copy documents into digital data that is compatible with most eDiscovery applications.

Data Room Support

InterAsia acts as a data processing hub for Asia, specialising in legal document process outsourcing in Asian languages. Our team of document processing specialists is committed to deploy to any Asian destination within 48 hours. We are also committed to provide remote support for in-house data room operations within 2 to 4 hours.

Delimiting, Bibliographic Coding and Translation

InterAsia provides professional data capturing services including delimiting and coding. You can rest assured that for any legal case, we have the skills and tools to provide encoded documents with a high level of quality and accuracy. Tailored to the specifications of each project, the output format can be converted to other litigation platforms such as Ringtail and Concordance. Our team of professional translators are able to code and translate documents in foreign languages. Drawing on our vast experiences and understanding of Asia and its languages, a high standard of accuracy and quality assurance is ensured in all projects.



Cloud and On-Premise

Document Management System

InterAsia's eBundle is an Electronic Document Management System that provides search and retrieval functions for electronic documents including rich media files like video and audio.  eBundle facilitates the document review process during arbitration or the due diligence process during M&A, loan syndication, private equity, and venture capital transactions.

All documents and information in eBundle are encrypted, whether when being exported to external storage media or when being stored at rest in the application server.

Features includes:

  • Comprehensive HTML table of contents.

  • Bookmarks.

  • Text hyperlinks.

  • Content searches and advanced searches.



We have more than 15 years of experience in document record management in the legal domain. Some ROIs that our clients have experienced:

  • On time delivery of numerous projects with multi-million records.

  • Accuracy rate of up to 99.99% in document transformation services.

  • Reduce client’s record management costs by at least 30%.

  • Improved client's operational efficiency by double digits.

Some more reasons why InterAsia is your right partner for litigation support outsourcing.

  • We use advanced technology.

  • We are a learning organisation, with emphasis on constant process improvement.

  • No projects are too big or too small for us.

  • Rapid implementation lead time and project lifecycle.

  • We operate in more than 15 Asian major cities.

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