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Digital Forensics

in Asia

A Necessary Complex Litigation Tool!

Digital Forensics does not have to be a complex and costly process. InterAsia has the tools and expertise to make your digital forensics process seem like a breeze. We are committed and continue to invest in our team’s training, thus ensuring the adoption of best-of-breed solutions in everything that we do. Equipped with the most up-to-date digital training and thorough cyber forensics response, our team is your go-to-hire for digital forensics in Asia.

Your Cyber Forensics Experts In Asia!

Most importantly, our experts are trained to carefully prioritise the chain of custody flow charts to ensure admissibility of the digital evidence at trial. Rest assured that when InterAsia is engaged to conduct your digital forensics process, we will find the necessary information – whether these were phone records or text records, email messages or social media posts or messages.

Digital Forensics Investigation

Our experts can assist to analyse digital evidence in an effort to recover factual findings for proving or disproving an allegation pertaining to a litigation or investigation case. InterAsia has assisted clients with simple or basic cases, and has also managed the most complex and sensitive cases that involve the examination of digital evidence. Using the latest forensic tools, we work on a custodian copy of the acquired data, while securing the original data to ensure evidentiary integrity.

Remember this - "It is possible to recover records even though they have been deleted."

Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT)

Our Cyber Incident Response Team Members are experts in analysing weaknesses in your digital process to prevent an attack. Nevertheless, should one have already occurred, we have the ability to mirror the hack to safeguard against cyber-attacks in the future, and to propose protection plans to prevent future data breaches.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our digital forensics investigators are certified to testify as expert witnesses. If you need our service, please contact us now.

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