Content Management


Gain control over documents and business content across your business​​

  • Implement and track good corporate governance practices. Reduce the risk of non-compliance.

  • Improve employee productivity through faster and easier information retrieval.

  • Increase return on investment (ROI) through accelerated productivity with low cost of deployment and ownership.

  • Leverage web and cloud technology with an ECM that scales easily with your business' needs and growth.

Reduce corporate risk through good governance practices

Role-based access control (RBAC) is set up by assigning configurable Application Templates to workgroups or departments. This makes it easy to deploy and, more importantly, ensures consistent security management when there are employee movements or changes within the organisation

Evidence Act (EA) Compliant

InterAsia's ECM is built with a comprehensive security matrix that has met the requirements of Evidence Act, whilst allowing instant access to the information you need from any location.

  • Role-based control access (RBAC) control on documents, metadata and system functions (e.g. add, delete, edit, print  and etc.)

  • Object-based security access to virtual folders, sub-folders, document types, index attributes and search views.

  • Comprehensive access rights controls are assigned to:

    • Security based on hierarchy of departments, groups, users and roles.

    • Index attributes.

    • Search query templates.

  • Multiple level document security.

  • All document images and data are encrypted at rest (storage) and during network communication.

  • Inbuilt Maker/Checker rules.

  • Document version control (check-in and check-out functions).

  • Record life cycle management.

  • Document can be configured to be automatically purged based on document type and age.

  • Full audit of system and user activities.

  • Digital signature software integration available.

Access, organise and collaborate on electronic documents from anywhere, anytime

InterAsia's ECM solution is 100% browser-based. You can access, search, retrieve and even share your electronic documents from any PC or mobile device, from anywhere, anytime.

Flexible indexing attributes to cater for all document types

InterAsia's ECM allows you to associate extra information, called metadata or indexes, with document types. Metadata is indexed and can be used to easily retrieve and generate reports on documents based on your specific needs. Each piece of metadata information is an attribute, and sets of attributes can be grouped into index attributes that can be associated with different document types. You can create and define your own index attributes according to your business requirements, greatly improving the accuracy and precision of document search queries.

Control and manage document versions

Control document versions and prevent multiple authors from overwriting each other's work using Document Management's check-in and check-out functions. When a user checks out a document, it can only be viewed but not modified by other users. There is a complete version history of each document and users can view the content of previous versions.

No more lost documents

With simple or advanced search function, InterAsia's ECM web client includes a simple search interface on every page that supports full-text searches or structured index queries within the folder or across the entire repository.  

Integration made easy

InterAsia’s ECM provides Web Service API for system integration and customisation. The API allows direct integration to third party business applications.

Manage compound documents of different formats

InterAsia's ECM has the capability of organising documents in folders that comprise of multiple document files and types. Within a compound document, sub-documents can be ordered and nested compound documents types can be created or added.

Content Management

Our service provides a set of complex processes and technologies that supports the collection, management, and publishing of information in any form or medium.

Record Management

InterAsia’s ECM manages the records of an organisation throughout their lifecycle, from the time they are created (captured) to their eventual disposal. Record management enables the organisation to identify, classify, securely store and retrieve, as well as to track all records. Records can also be configured for automated destruction or permanent preservation.

Financial Management

Our financial management software provides a clear and comprehensive view of your organisation’s business performance, minimising efforts spent on managing day-to-day finances. Ideally, accounting software should centralise real-time information concerning the financial performance of different units of your organisation.

Healthcare Management

Our healthcare management software is designed to cater for patients, clinics, and hospitals. This cloud-based solution provides interoperability, modularity, and a high degree of flexibility, enabling organisations to configure the case management solution as needed.

Logistics Management

We provide software for companies of all sizes within the logistic and transportation industry. We offer a complete portfolio of solutions including Inventory Control, Supply Chain Management, Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Freight Forwarding Software, Ocean Import, Air Import, Domestics Freight, Pickup and Delivery, Purchase Order Management and more.