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Cloud-based Legal Practice Management Solution.

LawTop Legal Practice Management Solution

Lawtop is a legal practice management software co-developed by InterAsia and HK Biztech Co., Ltd (KOREA). It is a cloud-based Legal Practice Management built specifically for law firms in China.

Effective Business Process with Case Automation and Intelligent Management

LawTop is a cloud-based Legal Practice Management Solution designed not only to assist law firms with the processing the cases, but also to improve the productivity and efficiency of case management.

LawTop Legal Practice Management Software enables the centralisation and secure storage of data, managing clients, cases, contracts, and schedules. It also provides reports, facilitating analysis and budgeting.

LawTop Advantages

LawTop is a comprehensive cloud-based Legal Practice Management Solution, developed based on many years of experience of working with law firms Korea. LawTop is certified and recognised by the Korea Legal Affairs due to its excellent features such as Case Management, Document and Schedule, Financial Management, Customer Management, Statistical Analysis and customisation services.

Legal Practice Management System
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