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InterAsia's Workflow is a secure document-driven Business Process Automation (BPA) solution. Design, execute, automate and monitor your business processes with a user friendly graphical user interface.

Digitise your business processes

InterAsia's Workflow enables you to design, automate and manage your document-driven business processes and routine tasks for your organisation.

  • Capture documents and simultaneously start a document-centric business process.

  • Route documents to users for approval or verification.

  • Complete the process, or assign actions to the next person.

  • Automate notifications via email of workflow actions and reminders.

  • Manage users’ workflow queues with ease.


  • Improve productivity by streamlining repeatable business processes.

  • Reduce costs by replacing high-cost labor with low-cost and scalable technology.

  • Reduce time spent on low-value and manual tasks, freeing your team to focus on higher value tasks.

  • Provide business insights and ensure accountability by relating analytics to business processes.

  • Enforce compliance and governance with industry requirements and regulations such as SOX, HIPAA and ISO.

  • Remove process bottlenecks with rules for task escalation.

  • Provide timely access to critical information across the organisation from the moment it becomes available.

Addressing process compliance

If your organisation is struggling to meet regulatory requirements, we provide the perfect platform to automate key business processes  with consistency, enabling your company to strengthen its compliance with industry regulations.

Automate business processes

Promote best practice principles and create industry workflows using intuitive tools that enable users to define, store and automate simple and complex business processes with ease.

Automate low-value tasks

Remove the overheads of performing low-value and labour intensive work tasks, enabling more focus on strategic growth initiatives. Provide consistent governance across your organisation to improve overall operational efficiency.

Dynamic case management

Increase flexibility and empower your staff by enabling the effortless information transfer between business processes. Simplify the management of exceptions and assign tasks within a secure and auditable platform.

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