Reprographic and Data Production

InterAsia has fully equipped service centres in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia providing industry leading reprographic and data production services to top global law firms, corporations, and governments.

Legal Photocopy

  • Production of documents in black and white, or colour.

  • Supports output to all standard paper sizes.

  • Careful deconstruction of documents and reconstruction as originals.

  • Range of finishing options include:

    • Document pagination.

    • Numbered or custom printed tab dividers.

    • Binding (wire, velo, or comb).

    • Presentation in lever arch folders.

Scanning, Coding and Unitisation

  • On-site/off-site scanning support.

  • Support for any size and type of document.

  • Page by page QC to ensure that all pages are captured and all images are legible.

  • Multi-language Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

  • Physical and logical unitisation.

  • Document coding in multiple languages with translation.

  • Load files for all major review platforms.

Trial Bundle Printing and Deposition Printing

Using industry leading batch printing software, we provide the following services:

  • High speed printing of all electronic documents including emails and attachments.

  • De-duping process to prevent printing multiple copies of the same document.

  • Function to exclude unwanted file types before printing.

  • Filtering of documents and setting of specific ranges for printing.

  • Extraction of metadata for custom slip-sheets between documents.

  • Stamping or pagination of documents.

  • Range of finishing options available.

Electronic Bundle Preparation

  • Online/offline repository of information.

  • Data and electronic files, including video and audio, are used for the storage and distribution of documents.

  • Facilitators of the document review and trial bundle.

  • Replacement of the traditional physical document review.

  • Storage on encrypted mobile media.

  • Option to host in a server for online retrieval with access rights control.

  • Presentation formats include a comprehensive HTML table of contents, bookmarks, and hyperlinks. Supports full text content searches and advanced searches.

Our teams of highly skilled professionals work 24/7 to ensure our clients receive
the most cost-efficient solution with exceptional results.