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Information Governance

Enforce compliance with information governance policies throughout your organisation’s information lifecycle

Capture - Transform - Automate - Manage - Collaborate


Capture and transform your organisation’s business documents securely with comprehensive workflow capabilities and a highly secure document repository.


  • Lower data entry and operational costs.

  • Optimised for security and high volume requirements.

  • Unlock enterprise workflow capabilities.

  • User-friendly and feature-rich data entry and validation client.

  • Delivers information to any line of business (LOB) application and in any file format.


Unlock Business Process Automation (BPA) with InterAsia's Business Workflow Automation Platform. 

  • Batch scanning and high volume electronic import.

  • Automated document separation.

  • Automated indexing with OCR.

  • Data validation with automated business rules.

  • Capture workflow capabilities.  

  • Integrate to any LOB application.


Gain control over documents and business content across your business


  • Implement and track good corporate governance practices. Reduce the risk of non-compliance.
  • Improve employee productivity through faster and easier information retrieval.

  • Increase return on investment (ROI) through accelerated productivity, with low cost of deployment and ownership.

  • Leverage web and cloud technology, with an ECM that scales easily with your business' needs and growth.

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